Dec, 2020

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miễn dịch


  • One operator, double the capacity
  • Advanced ChemiFlex technology
  • Equivalent results across all ARCHITECT iSystems

Refer to the Operations Manual for operational precautions, limitations and hazards. Manuals can be found on


True Family Commonality 
  • identical technology, reagents and assay protocols
  • Identical software that is intuitive to operate
  • Universal ARCHITECT sample carrier

    The bene ts: equivalent results across all arCHiteCt isystems

miễn dịch

High Productivity and Seamless Consolidation Optimize Performance

  • No clinically signi cant sample to sample carryover (<0.1 ppm)
  • Robotic Sample Handler (RSH) eliminates bottlenecks and prioritizes urgent requests
  • Immediate STAT processing for fast and consistent turnaround time
  • 50 refrigerated reagent positions
  • Continuous sample access, load up to 285 samples via priority (35) and routine (250) areas
  • Throughput up to 400 immunoassay tests per hour

    The bene ts: unique approach to consolidation

    Enhanced System and Assay Dynamics

  • CHEMIFLEX provides excellent low-end sensitivity and expanded dynamic ranges
  • Pressure differential technology detects clots, bubbles and insuf cient sample volumes to reduce errors

    The bene ts: certainty and con dence in the clinical results