Dec, 2020

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  • 01 floor-standing module with the wheels, containing 4 primary components:
    • System Control Center (SCC) including: 15-inch color LCD touch-screen monitor and universal keyboard that attached to the analyzer via an ergonomic, articulated arm, mouse and 01 built –in PC
    • Robotic Sample Handler (RSH)
    • Processing Center
    • Supply and Waste Center
  • 01 Standard Accessory kit
  • 01 Printer
  • 01 Application and Maintenance Manual

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Multi-Dimensional Sampling (MDS) improves laboratory workflow


  • Enhanced sample management flexibility with Robotic Sample Handler (RSH) that enables STAT, automated rerun, and reflex testing minimizes operator intervention
    • 5-position carrier with spring-loaded fingers accommodates a vast majority of test tube types
    • A variety of sample cups and false bottom tubes maintains barcode integrity for short/pediatric samples
    • Intuitive indicator lights assist the operator in accessing sample status at a glance
    • New Patented Wash Cup design and algorithm minimizes interferences, delivering confidence in results
    • Clot detection utilizing pressure differential technology ensures accurate sampling
  • Multiple sample loading of up to 65 samples via priority (configurable up to 35), routine areas with continuous sample access

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Loading “on the flight” lifts the productivity of laboratory

  • Continuous sample and reagent loading without pausing the analyzer 
  • Continuous unloading of the solid as well as liquid waste when the analyzer is running


CHEMIFLEXÒ Technology provides flexible protocols to optimize assay performance without compromising throughput

  • CHEMIFLEX is Abbott’s unique combination of refined chemiluminescence detection technology with flexible assay protocols
    • Refined chemiluminescence utilizes Abbott’s patented acridinium derivative that was specifically designed to improve reaction efficiency, reagent stability, and contribute to enhanced assay performance
    • Flexible assay protocols allow assay development to use the protocol that provides the best assay performance and clinical accuracy
  • Extended linear range reduces the need for dilutions and delivers excellent turnaround times.
  • Impressive low-end performance ensures accuracy.
  • Superior low-end sensitivity facilitates accurate diagnosis.

Industry leading software provides ease-of-use

  • Touch-screen interface with icon-driven, intuitive screens provides software which is simple to learn and navigate
  • Easy access for all functions minimizes hands-on time
  • Online operation manuals, computer-based video training and access to screen-specific help provide convenient access to required information
  • Online maintenance logs notify the operator when maintenance is due and automatically update when maintenance is performed
  • A software design, which is common across all ARCHITECT systems, means less training and operator errors

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  • Abbott company is continuously updating ARCHITECT software to add more value on the systems as well as continuously updating the assays tested on the analyzers
  • Post Marketing Service
    • Spare Parts: available in Vietnam
    • Reagent Supply: ensure the availability of commonly used reagents
    • Application Training: provide upon placement. Continuously update training and technical support upon needed.
    • Maintenance and Field Service Engineers:

Engineers and application specialists are trained overseas by company’s experts

Vietnam Representative Office of ABBOTT is available to support  customers.