Architect ci16200

Dec, 2020

sinh hóa - miễn dịch

sinh hóa miễn dịch

  • High-speed integration for complex workloads
  • Consistent, fast STAT turnaround time
  • Testing handled with ease
Large Load-up Capacity 365 SAMPLES

Enhanced System and Assay Dynamics 

  • Flexrate extends the linear ranges of enzyme assays for better rst-time results, fewer reruns
  • Integrated Chip Technology (ICT) module for electrolytes is small, long-lasting and easy to maintain (60,000 determinations)
  • Maximum throughput of up to 2,000 tests per hour
  • Large load-up capacity of 365 samples (including 35 priority positions) and up to 90 refrigerated reagentpositions plus patented ICt (Na+, K- and CI-)
  • Pressure differential technology enables detection of clots, bubbles, and insuf cient sample volume to reduce analytical error
  • Reagent pressure monitoring to reduce analytical errorThe bene ts: certainty and con dence in the clinical results
True Family Commonality 
  • Equivalent results across all arChIteCt cSystems
  • Identical FlexRate chemistry technology
  • Identical ARCHITECT software
  • Universal sample carrierThe bene ts: equivalent
    patient results across all arChIteCt immunoassay
    and clinical chemistry instruments and a simple, consistent 

    user experience

    Integration Without Compromise

    • High-speed integration of clinical chemistry and immunoassay

    • Robotic Sample Handler (RSH) allows the lab to prioritize tests

    • SmartWash technology effectively controls sample-to-sample carryover (<0.1 ppm tube
    to tube)

    The bene ts: effectively handle complex workloads on a single platform

sinh hóa miễn dịch